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Session Protocols

  • All Participants need to show their availability to attend training on the App: Team Reach

  • All participants must enter their name on the designated sign-in sheet.

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before scheduled session (or by prior arrangement)

  • Wear appropriate clothing (no jeans etc) and footwear (no thongs, boots, gumboots). In winter appropriately warm clothing must be worn during the session and an additional warm jacket (ready to put on immediately after the session ends).

  • The coaching group arranges seating according to the sign-in sheet.

  • All participants should assist in setting and packing up the boats and equipment.

  • Equipment should not be left lying around.

  • Accidents and Incidents must be reported to a member of the coaching group.

  • Coaches must be informed if you have any injury, which may affect your ability to paddle.

  • Please look after the club paddles. Do not drive the blade of the paddle into the sand. Paddles should not be left in the boat when it is being transported in & out of the water.

  • If you require a life vest in training, please don't hesitate to ask for one if it makes you more comfortable


Warm ups and Cool downs:

  • Pre-paddle exercises and cool downs are completed on the beach area.


Protocols in Boat:

When getting in and out of the boat –

  • Do not stand on the seats (risk of slipping).

  • Ensure you sit in the middle of the seat for balance while your seat buddy climbs in or out of the boat.

  • Do not rely on other paddlers to pull you out of the boat. Each person MUST be able to manage to climb in or out of the boat with minimal support from the other paddlers.


When in the Dragon Boat –

  • During a session when paddling stops, do not turn around to talk to your fellow paddlers – this can create problems with the balance.

  • Listen to the sweep and coach at all times for instructions. The sweep call will override any other calls during the session. The sweep is in charge of the boat at all times.

  • The buddy system is used for Come and Try sessions – an experienced paddler will be partnered up with an inexperienced paddler to assist with the interpretation of coach instructions.

  • Coaching in the boat – only the designated coach is to give coaching advice to members during sessions. (unless the coach has asked someone to help)

  • Sweeping – only the designated sweep is to give sweeping instructions to members during sessions.

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